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All You Need To Know About Wild Boar Bristle Brush

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Are you looking for a long-lasting, solid, and naturally nourishing hairbrush? Then we recommend investing in a boar bristle brush. We reveal why this purchase is worthwhile!

Wild boar bristles: THE secret trick for beautiful hair!

We all want permanently healthy and shiny hair. The prerequisite for this is to use one or more good brushes in addition to the right care. The boar bristle brush has very special properties that care for your hair particularly gently and sustainably. Whether as an all-purpose or round brush, there is a suitable comb with natural bristles for every need.

Why boar bristles?

Good natural hairbrushes use wild boar bristles because they are naturally extremely robust and durable. They are ideal because they promote blood circulation in the scalp and thus even counteract hair loss during menopause. Hairbrushes with wild boar bristles are also the perfect detangling brushes for unruly and fine hair. On top of that, some wild boar brushes are especially suitable for preventing hair breakage and split ends, as they gently brush the hair and distribute the natural sebum to the tips for maximum suppleness.

What is a boar bristle brush made of?

A boar brush usually consists of a brush and a handle. But there are also boar brushes without a handle. The shape and hardness of the brush can vary depending on the desired effect and consist of different materials.

The bristles

As the somewhat bulky name suggests, the individual bristles are made from real wild boar hair. Depending on the purpose for which you are looking for your wild boar bristle brush, whether for styling or care, the bristles are either a little firmer or softer and thus adapt to the respective needs. For example, a round brush made of wild boar bristles is always stronger than an all-purpose brush, so that your hair stays on the pull when styling.

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The handle

A boar bristle brush is usually made of wood, such as bamboo, olive, beech, or rosewood, and is therefore a real natural product. Concave-shaped wild boar brushes are particularly popular, as they can be held in the hand and adapt perfectly to the round head shape. Round brushes with wild boar bristles and special blow dryer brushes with wild boar bristles are more suitable for blow-drying, as they grip the top hair better and thus give it more volume.

What can the boar bristle brush do for my hair?

As a real natural product, a natural bristle with wild boar bristles has a number of advantages, which we would like to introduce to you in detail:

Your hair benefits from these properties:

  • It protects your hair lengths: wild boar bristle brushes are robust and extremely stable, but they do not attack the hair structure when brushing and prevent split ends.
  • It provides shine: the structure of wild boar bristles is similar to our human hair. As a result, you can optimally absorb human hair fat and distribute it over your head. With a boar bristle brush, you can naturally distribute the so-called sebum (hair fat) over the lengths when you comb your hair every day and thus protect it from dryness and injuries such as hair breakage.
  • It lets your scalp breathe and prevents scalp itching: skin particles, styling residues such as hairspray, or dry shampoo settle on our scalp overnight and clog the skin pores. This changes the pH of your scalp and makes it itchy and tight. In order to regulate this imbalance, the body reacts with increased sebum production, which in turn leads us to wash our hair frequently. A true vicious circle that you can break by brushing with a boar bristle brush.
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Reasons for a boar brush

You can use a good all-purpose hairbrush made from wild boar bristles for minimalism in the bathroom to clean your scalp daily and without other products. Matched to the individual hair type, a natural brush with wild boar bristles gives you these advantages:

  • A natural wild boar brush for hair growth: the wild boar bristles gently massage your scalp while brushing without damaging it and at the same time stimulate blood circulation. New hair follicles are stimulated and begin to grow. So if you want to stimulate your hair growth naturally, a good boar bristle brush will help.
  • A good boar bristle brush is sustainable because it consists of completely natural components and no plastic additives. However, there are also more and more vegan alternatives to wild boar brushes, which are made from naturally obtained bioplastics and are therefore more environmentally friendly.
  • Wild boar brushes are an acquisition for a long time: Provided you clean your hairbrush regularly, you will benefit from your natural brush for several years.


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